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The Michael Teachings

The Michael Entity offers a wise, compassionate, and pragmatic
view of the world with deep insight into the human experience. Their perspective is also refreshingly neutral which lends a broader viewpoint, helping us to see the bigger picture and reconnect with the essence of who we are on a soul level. We are reminded that we have the ability to choose in every moment and to take full responsibility in our lives and our experiences which is ultimately liberating.

The Michael entity was first channeled in 1973 in the San Francisco Bay Area by a small group of friends as they sat playing with a Ouija board. They soon learned that the messages they were receiving were from a group of 1050 souls who had completed their physical plane incarnations and now "resided" on the Causal plane. Michael, named for the last fragment (or soul) of this entity to cycle off the earth, began the teachings with a basic personality system called the Overleaves: Soul Age, Mode, Goal, Attitude, Centering, Body Type, and Chief Features or Obstacles. This system explained very well the differences between people's basic perceptions of the world, and also introduced the seven Roles in Essence: Slave, Artisan, Warrior, Scholar, Sage, Priest, and King.

Celestial Heart by Daniel B. Holeman

During the past 25 years, the teachings have grown. The Ouija board was replaced by the human voice, and the internet has begun to allow us to reach a far wider range of students worldwide. The Core Teachings have expanded to include the Four Pillars (true work, true rest, true study, true play), information about past lives and current agreements, kingdoms and working groups, support circles and working configurations, aspects of the roles in essence, the nine human needs, casting and overall structure, and the internal and external monads. Michael has continued to speak to us about the very real concerns of living life on the physical plane and at the same time reminds us gently that "All is chosen."

Please email us if you would like to schedule a reading. For additional information, see our private consultations and ongoing groups links.

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