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Shamanic Healing Arts Program

Flight of the Hawk has been offering many programs in the study and experiential work of cross cultural shamanism since 1987. These programs have included classes and workshops in basic shamanism, Medicine Lodges for Women, Monthly Drumming Circles, Community rituals and Ceremonies and long-term intensive programs leading to a certification in shamanic practice. Many of the women participating in our shamanic programs have also participated in wilderness vision quests devoted to the reclaiming of personal power through solo time with the Sacred River.


As part of our dedication to healing, we also offer individual healing sessions or Soul Retrievals, Power work, and Energy Extraction. Many people experience a loss of self due to painful and traumatic life experiences including those in our families, previous and current relationships, and past lives. The Soul Retrieval process is deep work focused on reconnecting to those parts of ourselves which we have become separated from. Some of the symptoms of soul loss include depression, anxiety, loss of energy, apathy, confusion, sadness, anger and grief.
Many of us learn coping mechanisms in order to function in life but still feel a sense of emptiness or loss which we cannot seem to heal through traditional methods such as psychotherapy and other intellectual healing modalities.

A typical Soul Retrieval process includes an hour consultation (in person or phone) with Victoria during which storytelling is a major tool, and it is during this time that suggestions will be made for preparation for the actual retrieval itself which takes place about one week later depending on schedules. You will also discuss the mechanics of the retrieval itself so you know what to expect at the next meeting. (which can be done the next day if you are visiting from out of town). The second session is the retrieval itself and this 90 minute session will include drumming and journeywork to facilitate the finding and recovery of lost parts and the opening of energy "portals". The final session is either in person or by phone and is the completion phase of the work to solidify the process and to anchor in the recovered energies.

Other shamanic processes include energy extraction, power animal retrievals, and past life regression work. Victoria is also available for mentoring on an individual basis for shamanic students who wish to develop their skills on a one-on-one basis which allows for focusing on specific skills and challenges.

Session Fees
Private Appointments $195 per hour
Soul Retrieval Process $450 (for entire process of 3 sessions)

Snake Medicine

Please e-mail Victoria or call our office for more information about this very deep and special work.

650-713-5422 or FOTHawk@gmail.com


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