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Individual Michael Sessions

A Michael channeling session can be via telephone, or e-mail.

E-mail: To schedule an email session, you send us your questions by email, and send your payment to us at the address listed at the bottom of this page or online using PayPal. The minimum length email session is 30 minutes, and this is usually enough time for two questions, but can vary according to how involved the answers are.

By Phone: Email us to schedule a telephone session time. The minimum length phone session is 60 minutes. See rates below.

Channeling Fees:

$85 for an overleaf chart via email. This does not include interpretation.

Individual Channeling Sessions:

$295 one hour
$350 75 minutes

Email only:
$195 for 30 minutes

Mentoring/Teaching Sessions: Please inquire about current rates.

Payments may be by check or PayPal online using FOTHawk@gmail.com as the receiving address.

Shamanic Sessions

Shamanic Counseling and Soul Retrieval: $295 per hour for shamanic counseling. Soul Retrievals are $375 for a 90 minute session.


Astrology Readings: By phone or in person. $295 for the initial 60 minute session which includes natal, transits, progressions, and charts. $250 for a one hour transit and current trend update (recommended annually). Specializing in working with Sabian Symbols and Soul level astrology.

Taping Sessions: I am no longer taping sessions due to the unpredictability of the taping process. You are welcome to bring your own recorder to in person sessions or tape over the phone.

Payment options: We accept personal checks and money orders, international money orders (in US dollars only), and if you want to use your credit card, we now accept cash payments and credit card payments through PayPal online.


Client Guidelines

In order for you to have the most beneficial experience during a Michael channeling session, I have created these session guidelines. Please take some time to review them carefully, and prepare in advance for your session.

The Basic Session Format
A Michael channeling session is essentially a question and answer format with you asking the questions and Michael answering them through me, to you. It is not a "psychic reading" where I provide you with information about yourself by "reading" you. Instead it is a direct interaction with the Michael Entity who teach from the Causal plane. I serve as the medium through which they provide answers to you, which is why it is very important that you prepare your questions in advance of the session so they can answer them. The more clear and specific your question, the more clear and specific your answer will be.

I will usually ask you in the first few minutes of your session to provide me with the general overview of questions which helps me know how to pace the timing of the session. Usually there is time for about 4-6 questions in a one hour time frame, but this can vary depending on the depth of the inquiries and the time needed for explanation.

You will write down the channeling as I speak it to you. Once I have finished the transmission., I may ask you to read the answer back to me. We might discuss the answer, then will go on to the next one until our time is complete. Please hold your comments until I am finished channeling the answer. Interruptions are energetically jarring and pull me out of trance. This is also true of emotional outbursts, so please try to contain your own responses energetically. If you have questions about this, please email me in advance.

Taping: I no longer tape phone sessions as they are very unreliable due to the large influx of energy which occurs during the channeling.  You may record the session yourself.

2 sets of overleaf requests are allowed within one session.

If you are asking about someone and you have their overleaves already, please have them available as I may ask you to repeat them for me.

In Advance of your session:
Read "Messages from Michael" by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. If you have time, continue reading the next books which in order are "More Messages from Michael", "Michaelís People", and "Michael for the Millennium". It is very important that you read the first book in advance so you have a basic understanding of the information and style of the channeling.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Michael?
Michael is a reunited entity of 1050 souls who teach from the Causal Plane. The name of the last fragment on earth who was part of their entity was named Michael, hence the name. (this was in the 1500ís).

How do you channel the information?
You ask the question, I hear the answer. I speak the words slowly in order for you to write the answer down. Once you ask the question, I usually receive what I call a download, which means I understand the answer but then unpack the download one word at a time.

How do I know if the information is accurate?
It is always up to you to validate any information you receive during a session. Michael has stated that channel error runs approximately 15%, so validation is important. If something doesnít ring true for you, we can double-check it later. And, sometimes we discover later that things we questioned actually are valid.

Payment Information 
Payment is due at the time of the session if in person, and in advance if by phone or email. I accept personal checks and cash in person, checks through the mail for phone/email sessions, as well as Paypal online which does allow you to use your credit cards if you choose. If you have any questions about the business side of things, please email me rather than discussing it during the session. Same is true for scheduling sessions, so please do so via email which is my preferred method of communication.

Rescheduling your session
If you need to reschedule your session, please provide 24 hour notice, thank you. In the event I need to reschedule, I will try to provide as much notice as possible. However, the channeling process is a sensitive one, and there are times when a reschedule is necessary, usually due to external events which require my attention or if I am sick. I have to be 100% present and healthy for your session and cant channel effectively when I am not well. I will try to reschedule you for the next available time.

Session Times & Fees

My office hours are My office hours are Monday/Thursday/Friday Afternoons, M/Th evenings. Some weekend appts. are available.
Office/phone sessions should be scheduled 4 weeks in advance.
Email sessions can be submitted at any time, and there is usually a 2-3 week turn around time.
Michael Groups are held on weekends in Half Moon Bay, California

Other Kinds of Sessions 
I am also a practicing shamanic counselor and astrologer.

To use PayPal click below and fill in details and amount at prompting:

Mailing address:

Victoria Marina-Tompkins
PO Box 847
El Granada, CA 94018-0847

Office voice mail: (650) 713-5422

Victoria can be reached via e-mail at FOTHawk@gmail.com or by phone (650) 713-5422


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