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Flight of the Hawk

Shamanic Songs and Ritual Chants

Reviews, Sound Clips, and Ordering Info

"Its pure, yearning simplicity is utterly moving."


P.J. Birosik, nationally syndicated music reviewer
September 95 - New Age Retailer - "PJ's Picks" :

"Sub-titled Shamanic Songs and Ritual Chants, this innovative album was created and produced by ceremonialist, musician, and teacher Victoria Marina-Tompkins as a journey into spirit through the ancient path of vision and drum.
Fleshing out the trip are the sounds of eagle bone whistle, finger cymbals, rattles, didgeridoo, bells, flutes, bass, and violin. Beginning with the attention grabbing sound of a Tibetan bowl, this program gets rolling with the upbeat New Age classic circle chant Sweet Surrender. For those who have heard this transcendent piece at retreats or workshops, the version included here is top notch.
Marina's three original songs are no less impressive, particularly the perky dumbek-vocal duet Grandmother Moon which draws equally upon Native American, Celtic, and pagan influences. The haunting Take Me to the One I Love finds Marina and Nancy Hall sharing vocal duties, and is the standout track. Its pure, yearning simplicity is utterly moving."

And from our individual listeners...

"The inspiration in the lyrics and calming energy in the drumming make this CD one that we love to hear over and over again."

"Victoria Marina-Tompkins's CD is an outstanding collection of original and traditional tribal chanting and prayer. Her melodies are simple and relaxing: perfect for gatherings of any spiritual or meditative nature. The rhythms are as grounded as a heart beat in sinc with Mother Earth herself. She sings proudly and effortlessly with beautiful harmonies and arrangements. In addition to American Indian and early American Folk, one can also hear the influence of African call and response chanting. These styles and more combine to make a contemporary sound that puts the warmth of friends and family in your own hearth and home. Listen to this CD and remember how nurturing and balancing it is to be a part of the nature and life of this wonderful planet. Best of listening."

"My children are always asking to hear the 'drum tape'. They love the rhythmic beat of the drums and anticipate with excitement the 'bark' of the didgeridoo!"

From Ladyslipper Records:

"Many members of the Flight of the Hawk community in California perform on this 1994 album, under the musical direction of Victoria Marina-Tompkins. With a primarily women's vocal ensemble, it includes beautiful renditions of favorites like The River She Is Flowing and Sweet Surrender, as well as contemporary shamanic songs such as Bones, plus originals like Victoria Marina-Tompkins's Grandmother Moon and Adele Getty's O Great Spirit. Excellent drumming and instrumentation on: hoop drum, dumbek, djembe, conga, bongos, tabla, bone whistle, violin, acoustic bass, didgeridoo, alto flute, and more. Very professionally done, and we recommend it wholeheartedly!"

rystal Sands Catazine

"This recording has it all. Beautiful vocals, stories, and music. Fantastic drumming and ancient instruments.
A MUST to own!"

Listen to sound samples:

sound clipBones         sound clip Sweet Surrender         sound clip Spiraling Into the Center


For those with iTunes:
Flight of the Hawk: Shamanic Songs and Ritual Chants

To order through Amazon:

Flight of the Hawk: Shamanic Songs and Ritual Chants

You may also purchase Shamanic Songs and Ritual Chants from your local bookstore or music outlet. They can order through the following distributors: New Leaf, Goldenrod Music or Serpentine Music.

Victoria can be reached via e-mail at FOTHawk@gmail.com or by phone 650-713-5422.



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