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Encounters with the Paranormal

By Victoria Marina-Tompkins

Fascinating, surprising, and compelling, A Little Book of Spirit Stories is a collection of first hand encounters with the paranormal. With insight and humor, Victoria Marina-Tompkins shares her experiences with ghostly apparitions, playful spirits, and voices outside the range of every day perceptions, giving the reader a glimpse into the realm of the supernatural. Beginning in 1978, the stories include, "The Ghost at the Top of the Stairs," when a seemingly unfriendly ghost appears in all manner of ways, "Troll," an enduring tale of a young childís perceptions and ingenuity, and "The Michaels and Our Friend Bob," an in-depth look at mediumship from the authorís viewpoint that also includes verbatim examples of spirit transmissions. A Little Book of Spirit Stories is an unforgettable journey into the mysterious world of the occult.




Soon to be available through Barnes and Noble, and all major booksellers! Check back for additional updates!

cover art: Tala Leaves by Joell Jones


"Most of us live with both feet planted resolutely on Terra Firma. Others, however, live with one foot in the physical realm and one foot... someplace else. Victoria Marina-Tompkins is one such person, and clearly has the ability to walk in balance between natural and supernatural. A Little Book of Spirit Stories is the latest offering by this talented and otherworldy author. An avid reader of her writings, I wasnít quite sure what to expect with this one. However, I was hooked from the very first story. The anecdotes alternated between sweetly humorous and somewhat quirky. A couple of them were downright creepy and made me shiver. My favorite, Music to Their Ears, was a complete joy; Iíll read that one often. No doubt about it; this little book is a big treat." - Tessa Jones, author of psychological suspense and young adult fiction

"...Well written and provocative, A Little Book of Spirit Stories may encourage the reader to consider their own paranormal experiences and sense the portals that open to another dimension of seeing.  It is a must read for anyone curious about interactions with unseen influences and how they may affect their own lives." - Lois Johnson, Independent Consultant



Spring 2011

A Metaphysical Perspective of the Seven Life Transitions

By Victoria Marina-Tompkins

SPIRITUAL TURNING POINTS offers a groundbreaking look at the Seven Life Transitions of Birth, the Terrible Twos, Adolescence, Mid-life Crisis, Life Review, Dying and Death through the lens of Shamanism, Astrology, and the Michael Teachings. It represents the culmination of twenty years of client work, personal experiences and spiritual mediumship. Victoria Marina-Tompkins presents a compelling explanation for the mysteries of birth, life, death, and beyond. A must read for serious students of metaphysics, SPIRITUAL TURNING POINTS is a fascinating investigation of how the human soul evolves through each lifetime.

Spiritual Turning Points is now available online through the publisher Xlibris in trade paperback, hardback, and as an ebook. To order click here.


Barnes and Noble


Now available for Apple products through iBooks! Download the latest iBooks application for your Apple iPad, iPhone, or iPod through iTunes, go to Spiritual Turning Points.

Check back for additional updates!



"Some books, once read, resonate with a powerful truth, leaving you with a perfect moment of utter clarity and you realize if you'd known about this long ago, the knowledge would have made it so much easier to deal with various issues and crises, and outcomes would probably have been accepted with a lot more grace and understanding. Spiritual Turning Points: A Metaphysical Perspective of the Seven Life Transitions, left me with just such a realization. The writing is fluid, concise, and compassionate...and affected me in ways I am still reflecting upon. I highly recommend this intriguing book for anyone who wants an understanding of why and how we choose to weave the myriad tiny threads that become the tapestry of our life" - Tessa Jones, author of psychological suspense and young adult fiction

"Victoria Marina-Tompkins offers up plenty of metaphysical food for thought in this in-depth look at the spiritual transitions humans engage in from birth to death, including the "terrible twos" and the "mid-life crisis." She discusses each turning point in an easy to read style, and uses her years of experience and a multitude of perspectives to strengthen her points. Astrology and soul-level viewpoints are incorporated, but Ms. Marina-Tompkins has a knack for well-rounded representation, and also includes psychology, anthropology, shamanism, cultural studies, historical examples, and personal stories from clients to give readers a holistic sense of each phase and the different ways it can manifest in individual lives. Focusing on the process of life through this breadth of frameworks, Ms. Marina-Tompkins has created a fascinating collection of information that isn't limited to one metaphysical area. Its appeal should stretch across a range of spiritual interests." - Melanie Thorne, Author



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