Ritual and Soul Recovery
A Michael Perspective

"We would indeed say that it is true that many fragments experience times of what we would call the 'shattering of the spirit' during early childhood, times of stress such as the death of a loved one, separation from intimate partnerships, and the like. In the past many fragments have chosen to just live with these woundings which we would suggest might have been the best they could do at the time, but we would say that with the myriad of tools available to our students at this time, that leaving these unattended is not good work and can interfere with the life goals including the manifestation of the life task. The identification of these areas of disturbance can be treated as necessary and 'immediate' and not to be ignored. For those of you in the healing professions, we would say that it is indeed important to allow the natural unfolding of each fragment's unique 'story', but our point is that once it begins to come to the surface, then it is important that it be addressed.

First we would like to define and clarify the term soul loss for our students. While it is true that the energy of essence cannot be destroyed or diminished, it is also true that physical plane trauma can make that energy unavailable to the fragment. Hence there can be a sense of loss of energy or focus. Some of the less obvious characteristics of soul shattering can be mood swings, emotional outbursts in situations which would otherwise be calm, and projections of parental or authority figures onto friends and family. More obvious 'symptoms' can include loss of short term memory, physical ailments specifically related to the affected chakra such as continuous, uncontrollable weeping (4th or heart chakra) or chronic stomach pain (3rd chakra or solar plexus), as well as disturbing dreams with masked intruders, ghoulish demons, and other darker figures.

Ritual can be an effective tool for the recovery of these lost or stolen energies. We would say that the key word is certainly intention, and the simplest ritual can be extremely powerful given that the intention is clear and focused. We would suggest that time be allowed for the preparation prior to the actual ritual, essentially to request assistance from not only your own essence, but other helpers such as an astrally based essence twin, task companion, cadence mates, or entity mates. Once the doorway is reopened, it is up to you to keep it open- daily rituals can assist much in this process."

-Michael (channeled by Victoria Marina-Tompkins)
© 1998 Victoria Marina-Tompkins

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