A Series of Questions and Answers

QUESTION: Please comment on the ramifications of essence contact, including how it has an impact on both a person’s current life and those lives yet to come. What is it about essence contact that makes these rather expansive reverberations possible?

Michael: We will start by saying the essence contact is perhaps the single most relevant  experience to essence growth while on the physical plane and beyond. By this we mean to say that while fragments are incarnate as humans, those fleeting moments of essence contact which is experienced between two fragments "soul to soul" and without the constraints of the personality, are gems in a sea of physical plane strife and conflict. This is not to imply that all experiences on the physical plane are full of conflict, but rather to state that it is the physical plane that offers the most strident examples of fear and turmoil and the joyful experience of essence contact is in stark contrast to the fear and pain that many fragments experience ongoing. When a fragment is able to let down their guard if only for a moment in order to meet another fragment soulfully, then it is during those briefest of moments that the fragment can remember that he or she is part of a greater whole and that separateness is an illusion.

The release of the personality is not usually sustainable due to the impact of the outer world and the necessity of having a vehicle through which to interact. It is through the experience of the higher centers that essence contact occurs, and these higher centers are accessed through the moving center. This process does not imply that fragments need be moving physically in order to achieve contact and higher centered foci, but rather that there does need to be an expansion into these centers in order for the personality to drop away.

Once essence contact occurs between fragments it can never be denied on an essence or soul level. However it is often the case that the personality denies the experience because it is too frightening except for those fragments who seek spiritual growth, and even then the experience is often questioned and or relegated to the "well maybe something happened" arena. When validation does occur on a personality level, and especially when both fragments are able to mutually validate the experience, then exponential growth occurs and each fragment has more access to the positive poles of the overleaves and to the life task, whatever that is. And when this ability is reached and realized in a specific lifetime, then that ability carries forward into subsequent incarnations if the fragment chooses to make use of this ability. Older souls, who in our estimation are mid-cycle mature and on, in level, often can remember these experiences when in contact with those fragments with whom they have shared in the past, and this is especially so with essence twins, task companions, cadence and entity mates.

We will remind you that essence contact is not complicated. This does not mean it is easily attained and in fact cannot be "grasped" with intention but can be a "possibility" so long as a fragment is open to it and does not resist it when it occurs. There is no failure here and no expectations. There are many possible moments for essence contact and can often occur when the fragments involved are not seeking it, but are open to it. It is receptivity that is the key here and not "effort". END

QUESTION:  Could Michael comment on why “Essence contact is single most relevant experience to essence growth on physical plane and beyond?”
Michael: Essence contact is a momentary experience in most cases, and it is during these moments when the personality is released temporarily that a fragment experiences the infinite connection with the Universe through an expansion of consciousness and love. This is not to say that completing the life task for example does not propel a fragment onward as they say, for it does in that such completes the tasks outlined in advance by the fragment as part of the physical plane schoolwork so to speak. Essence contact is love, which is the highest truth, and the experience of agape during essence contact reverberates throughout the fragments life and into the next whether or not it can be duplicated, contained, or maintained. It is a positive experience which stands alone.

2) Please comment on why “It is through the experience of the higher centers that essence contact occurs?”
Michael: When the personality is engaged and the fragment is functioning in the "usual" manner which depends on the chosen centering in terms of interaction and responses, then it is through the personality that a fragment relates to the "other" whether it be another fragment or the world at large.  It is when the moving center is activated and the secondary center reduces in command or influence, and the positive poles of the overleaves are in effect, that the fragment can move into the higher centers which then make it possible for the attachment to the personality and basic overleaves to be released. In terms of "why", we would say that the reason this process is necessary is that when a fragment is participating in the normalcy of life, that the overleaves are the vehicle through which a fragment interacts and without them, a fragment would be unable essentially (haha) to function. The same is true in terms of essence contact in that a fragment needs to release his or her basic connection to the "real world" in order to move into an experience of higher consciousness and it is through the higher centers that this is possible. Higher emotional center is often experienced as pure joy and higher intellectual as pure thought or understanding, both of which are elevated states of consciousness.

Question:  What is it about accessing the higher centers that allows the personality to drop away? How is this expansion accomplished, if one is interested in doing so?
Michael: It is difficult for the personality to maintain control when the higher centers are accessed in that the higher centers do not utilize the primary and secondary centering (except in the case of moving which is a higher center). When an athlete, for example, is in the moving center, then if the higher centers are activated, the usual thoughts or feelings are suspended as the fragment becomes totally aware kinesthetically of all surroundings which can then allow for a higher experience of exhilaration and joy to occur, or for an understanding of "oneness" to occur be it a fleeting one. One of the most accessible means of releasing the grips of the personality is through true rest and true play which can become available ongoing to a fragment should they choose to allow it in their lives. True rest is likely to allow for higher intellectual which true play higher emotional. Meditative techniques can also be useful although we would suggest that meditation can also be fraught with expectations and can activate the chief features while participating in the chosen trues can be positive experiences without expectations which can then lead to essence growth.

Question: Why can’t essence contact be “intended” or scripted in advance?
Michael: We would suggest here that while essence contact can be allowed by a fragment in terms of awareness, when scripting comes into play we can assure you that the chief features are involved. When we say allow, we mean to suggest that a fragment can set an intention to allow essence contact to occur if and when the criteria are met including access to nearly all of the positive poles of the overleaves which implies that fear is not present at the time. Allowing implies an openness to the possibility of essence contact without attempting to duplicate previous experiences where contact may have occurred or creating a situation where contact "must" be engaged. We will remind you here that both fragments need be participating for essence contact to occur. Scripting implies a set of actions or a sequence of order where each part of the event must occur in a certain way, and such control does not allow for the release of the personality and in fact is more likely to cement in the chief features which ultimately lead to disappointment
when the script fails.


Question: Please give three examples off essence contact experiences by “actual people” during their lives on the physical plane, where one or both were able to validate the experience, f Possible, please show an example  that demonstrates the effect of the essence contact on future incarnations for the fragments involved.
Michael: We will begin with an example of an artisan and a sage who were co-workers in a theatrical setting. These two fragments had known each other from an early age having been members of a traveling circus in an area of Yugoslavia during the later part of the 20th century. The artisan was male as was the sage.They were 4th and 6th level mature, the artisan with a goal of acceptance and the sage with a goal of dominance. The first interaction occurred when these two fragments were 12 and 14 years of age and during a period of extended training which was aimed at perfecting their techniques having to do with aerial contortions and "leaps". They had been training for many hours "on end" and it was at the end of the day when exhaustion occurs that these two fragments sat together on the side of the nearby road and shared a jug of water without speaking. It was the simple action of moving the jug between them that triggered a memory from a previous lifetime when these 2 fragments had been comrades at arms, depending on the other for physical safety during a long and arduous set of battles. The exhaustive states experienced by both fragments allowed the personalities to become less engaged, and the higher centers were activated with the memory which occurred first for the artisan, then almost simultaneously for the sage. The artisan said (in Portuguese) "Do you remember?" to which the sage replied "mmmmm" not having adequate words to express the recognition but wishing to communicate in some form. At this precise moment the sage noticed a large buzzing sound of sorts which was the sound of nearby insects at early dusk and the artisan experienced a "knowing" of the sage in way which he had not experienced before. In other words, he understood him as he "knew" him during this brief moment of contact. The experience was concluded with a smile by each and a return to the drinking of the shared water which was soon followed by daily tasks which were "pressing".  These 2 fragments remained friends for life and did in one later circumstance discuss the event of essence contact but only in passing. We would agree that these fragments each validated the experience, and acknowledged its importance if only in terms of a positive memory which they each reflected on from time to time. Future incarnations were also positively effected in that each fragment was less fearful in terms of intimacy and, as mature souls, such diminishing of fear allows for true relationship and love which is a primary objective of the mature soul cycle. (to understand the nature of relationship). 
Question: Would Michael continue with 1 additional case study on positive essence contact as well as 2 examples of fear-based experiences (avoidance)?
Michael: We will continue here with an example of essence contact which occurred between a mother and her infant during the first 24 hours following birth. The mother, a young slave, and the infant, a mature priest, had shared some 24 past incarnations in the past including one particularly relevant lifetime when the priest was teacher to the slave and when they completed a series of monads in tandem which altogether contributed in a positive manner to each life lived. The current incarnation took place in an area of rural Mexico when these two fragments were poor by family status but the slave mother took her duties to heart and was well prepared for the arrival of the infant priest both physically and psychologically. We provide this example to illustrate the possibility of essence contact at any soul age as it is not always abandoned due to fear and is a central component of evolution from the infant levels on. That said, the first experience of essence contact took place during what would be called nursing and the eye contact was intense and enduring, which allowed for the essences of each to remember the essence of the other. We would describe this experience as peaceful and without fanfare, lasting approximately 3 minutes. As the priest matured, there were 2 more experiences which occurred, once during a high fever which threatened the then 5 year olds life and during which time some delusions were experienced. The contact which occurred settled the priest down in terms of pain and provided comfort and was activated during a simple song sung to him by the slave mother. The final experience took place when the mother fragment was close to death which was at the age of 35 due to influenza and the priest stood by with stalwart strength during the process. It was during a particularly lucid moment of clarity that the third and final contact took place, this time including a smile and embrace. We would say that much progress was made here.
We will provide examples here of avoided essence contact as well as essence contact which occurred but was invalidated due to fear. The first example took place in the 3rd century common era, in an area of Rome, Italy. Two warriors were assigned posts of duty having to do with what we might call leisure games which by today's standards would be considered violent and outside the boundaries of decency. The warriors were both male and 18 and 19 years of age. They were required by rank to stand at attention for long periods of time which was both psychologically and physically challenging as well as what we might call "boring". During one extended period of guard, these fragments began quietly sharing stories which would be called humorous as a way of passing the time. The personality of the elder warrior was strong and unyielding in most ways with a goal of dominance, but he did enjoy repartee and good comradeship which the younger provided, and it was this interest which allowed him to let down his own guard (haha!) to allow for some joy to transpire, all within the confines of the appointed task, of course. The younger, sensing his comrade's interest and laughter albeit quiet, sought to amp up the exchange just prior to the point of higher emotional centers being accessed to which the elder warrior responded by shutting down due to his discomfort. To the external eye it would have appeared that the elder warrior became impatient with the younger, but in fact this was the chief feature of arrogance at work due to the perception of vulnerability and possible criticism which was "just around the corner" in the warrior's eyes. Incidentally, approximately 1 year late the younger warrior was executed "on the spot" when he was distracted during a conflict which occurred on the street just outside the position of the exchange which we have just described.
In the final example here we will "download" information having to do with essence twins who had, in advance of incarnating, chosen to know one another in an attempt to bring certain lessons to bear in the life having to do with intimacy. These fragments were male and female, attracting body types which would not have been necessary due to the essence twin intensity of connection but was a factor in the initial attraction which took place when the first fragment, female, was 13 and the other fragment was 25, male. They lived in an area of Barcelona, Spain in the 15th century common era. The male sage was instructor known as the "tutor" to the young king and had been employed by the wealthy parents to instruct their daughter so as to prepare her for marriage and being a member of the elite faction of social order. It was during the first meeting that the male sage was overcome with emotion and professed his undying love to his student which was met with outrage on the part of the parents who were present at the time. The female was intrigued by the sage but held within the constraints of the parental opinion and disapproval. Shortly thereafter the sage was dismissed due to his improper advances but by that time the king had been smitten as well and a clandestine love affair began which lasted for the remainder of the lives lived, "off and on". The short version of this relationship is that essence contact would be routinely experienced but followed by denials, primarily on the part of the king who swore to abstain from the relationship due to demands made on her by her family and husband. (she had married along the way). Such withdrawals were "unbearable" for the sage who, at the age of 43, took his own life by hanging. Not surprisingly the King fragment "allowed" herself to be killed during an argument shortly thereafter, not realizing the true impact of the essence twin relationship on her overall health and emotional well being. These 2 fragments did confer on the astral plane following the physical plane interactions and incidentally have not shared another incarnation since then due to the intensity of the relationship and the need to focus on other evolutionary matters.

C. 2012 Victoria Marina-Tompkins

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