Q: What is it about Michael’s experience that has enabled them to teach about Universal truths?

Michael: When we began our incarnations on the physical plane, we exercised our choice to begin doing so. At that moment, our entity could have chosen a different route or path in our evolution but instead chose your Earth as the environment through which to experience the very real limitations as well as the very real adventures that were there to be engaged. Before our first lives, we only knew the oneness that is all, which in essence was our being part of the Tao. Once our fragmentation took place, we then piece by piece and moment by moment began to learn what it was like to be in a separate human physical body which of course we had not experienced before. The essence of each fragment however retained the knowledge of the Universal truth of love even though it was not always possible to remember this truth consciously while extant and it was to this truth that references would be made as essence(s) inculcated all experiences of a specific lifetime. Here we will remind you that essence is privy to the bigger picture just as the personality is not most times, and there is no blame with this, it simply is true. There are of course incarnations that are chosen in order to refocus the individual in terms of the understanding of larger truths, and these incarnations would be considered to be "pivotal" in terms of evolutionary movement.

During our incarnations we then made many choices and learned through trial and error that some choices were positive and led to essence growth while others were fearful and, while not wasted, were unfocused in terms of monadal processes and development, essence contact, and true intimacy. We then began to understand the nature of karma as a Universal truth including what would occur if another fragment's choices were taken away (a debt would be owed until the karmic ribbon was burned)* only through the process of actual experience rather than theoretical ideas and concepts. We will say again that we teach from our own experiences and those that we have personally validated as being true and accurate. Had we not engaged in evolution on the physical plane, we could teach the Universal truths of love as we understood those in advance of fragmentation, but we could not teach the actual application of such on your planet Earth. We do in fact have other students on planetary bodies upon which we have not ensouled, and our teaching is valid through the Universal truths but we have not experienced their World truths in the same way as we have experienced yours. We would then say our teaching with your species is more focused or tangible due to our own process.

We continue to teach just as we continue to learn. We are experiencing growth on the Causal plane just as you are experiencing growth as did we on the physical plane and the cycle of evolution is a Universal truth which we can validate through our own experiences. We will state again that love is the highest truth and of this there can be no doubt once you have returned to the oneness which both precedes and follows fragmentation and also exists during it in terms of the larger role of Essence. All is chosen.

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