excerpted from a series of private readings with Victoria

QUESTION--I would like Michael to speak about themselves and their experience with evolution through the planes of existence.

MICHAEL:   The first member of our entity began the cycle of incarnation on the planet known as your earth in the year 3,942 BCE and the last member of our entity completed the last lifetime during the 16th century in the year 1563 CE. As we have stated before, this entity is composed of Warriors and Kings and the later was the first cast from the Tao with the former or warrior being the last to serve while on the physical plane. This fragment died during what is known as the plague in Europe and was a physician at the time of death.

We will suggest here that the world as it was when we began our cycle on the physical plane is markedly different from what it is today and this is true not only in terms of the most recent technological advances but also in terms of the flow and rhythms of daily life which in many, many places are much faster than they were when we began our cycle of incarnations. To make the point here, when we first incarnated as infant souls, social constructs were what you would call primitive and by the time we completed our work on the earth physical plane, many advanced had been made including the utilization of formal concepts of astronomy for example and a more basic understanding of the nature of the geography of the world itself had been uncovered.

We understand that you accept as simply valid that the earth is round, but when we began our cycles on the earth, we only knew the most basic of concepts such as we stood on the ground and the sky was above us and out of reach. We knew little about survival and as you have also done, made our way through many experiences as we learned the rigors of the physical plane including what is was like to die. Before incarnating we had no concept of the fundamental truths of birth and death, and learned just as you have learned.

Our first lifetimes were what you might call alone and in foreign territory, for there were not many entity mates and other essence related fragments with whom we later shared our lifetimes within our company and a great sense of separateness from the comfort of the Tao was a prevailing sense. This feeling of being cut off from the sanctity of the united entity did create loneliness and fear, and in the early years on the physical plane we struggled to survive both on a physical and an emotional level. We have referenced the truth that newly cast infant souls are very close to the Tao and this is true enough.  However there is also some confusion, much like a baby opening his or her eyes for the first time and being unable to focus. We relied on those fragments who we chose as parents to assist us in this transition and in many cases, old slaves were common choices for they remained dedicated to nurturing service throughout all their lives and this was never so clear as during the old soul cycle. Of course during our early lives we lacked experience with regard to choice making, for essentially the primary choice that has been made heretofore was the one made by our entity concerning the cycle of reincarnation which once begun does not falter from the inevitable completion of lives through the five cycles on the earth plane. Therefore without sufficient experience our early choices lacked judgment and knowledge and many errors were made which led to early death.  Some examples would include an infant soul warrior during the third life on the physical plane was burned to death when playing with fire as a child. While this outcome might not seem unusual for human children do make such errors, for this fragment there was not a past incarnation in the memory banks to remind him that doing so might be dangerous and it was therefore both a new experience and a terrifying one. This fragment reincarnated quickly within a matter of five years and in fact did choose a lifetime where I (it?) was unlikely that such would occur again when he was a deaf mute who remained sequestered for the majority of the lifetime due to an ability to communicate which was considered to be unacceptable in the social structure which was in a small tribal village within miles of a mountain range known as the Catskill mountains in an area of North America. Another infant soul fragment, a king, was in the 5th lifetime and was poisoned after eating fruit that had been contaminated. Suffice it to say that the king avoided fruit for some time in the future (lifetimes) as he did have a natural recoil when offered such, even if the fruit was delicious. The memory remained and served as a reminder that such choices might lead to an unhappy ending. In fact, this king fragment refused fruit even from the early months after birth and would become ill if forced to eat of the particular variety which had caused the most recent death.

We provide these examples in an effort to suggest here that the early lifetimes after departing from the Tao are fraught with difficulty for there is little experience, scant knowledge, and many opportunities for ill considered choices to bring about unfortunate results. During our early years in what might be considered agricultural cultures in what is now called the Middle East, we learned to appreciate the planting and harvesting of wheat and other grains which could be most reliable in terms of providing sustenance.

As warriors and kings, we particularly enjoyed active incarnations where we were free to activate moving center as often as possible, although our choice of overleaves did not always support the best expression of our essence. In the year 2431 BCE, two fragments of this entity, a warrior and a king, chose a facilitating agreement that had to do with implementing action. While this might seem an apt choice for such roles, the warrior chose a goal of retardation. caution mode, and emotional center with the king in dominance and intellectual center, emotional part. Both fragments chose chief features of stubbornness. The King attempted to command the warrior to action while the warrior remained tentative at most times, making for the eventual abdication of the agreement, much frustration, and the incurring of several karmic debts as the king fragment also chose a secondary of impatience and his anger was not tempered, thereby creating havoc with other fragments which resulted in their death. We would not wish to suggest that all agreements end as such or as unsuccessful, for this is not the case. We would say that there were many rich experiences during our early years on the physical plane and basically we would call it "trial and error" with more errors than successes. However it was through these errors as it were that we learned, grew, and evolved which of course is the point.

While all fragments of this entity were cast from the Tao at the same moment in time, there were variations in terms of length of time necessary to complete each cycle beginning with the infant levels. One warrior completed the cycle in 986 years, while another artisan cast fragment took 1238 years to complete all seven levels of the infant soul cycle. Life on the physical plane is not a race. There is time for all lessons to be attempted numerous times before the fragment fully inculcates what is necessary understanding for growth to occur at the specific level. Our entity being action polarity had a particular affinity for making choices based on action taken before thought, and this was one very important lesson which we did not fully grasp until the old soul cycle when we eventually learned to refrain from drawing the sword, as in the case of our warrior fragments, or beheading the legions as in the case of the kings. King fragments began to learn about leadership from the very early lives in the infant soul cycle, but more times than not other older soul fragments became quite confused when confronted with the massive and fearful energies of an infant or baby soul king. There was often a desire on the part of the other fragments to follow the lead of the King, often with disastrous results.  In one such lifetime, a King fragment led a group of fragments into an untimely storm against the advice of several mature soul scholars who suggested another course might be better taken. The king however was not detoured from his plan, and all fragments in the party were swept away by  a swift rising during a torrential downpour in an area of what is now known as India. Such events were not uncommon for our action polarity fragments who often charged before thinking. This of course was a primary lesson for us.

Once survival issues had been honed to some satisfaction, we spent many lives in Asia where were enjoyed the simplicity of life as well as the culture which was quite advanced for its time especially in terms of the arts and philosophical thought. Our lives were lived in the pursuit of knowledge as we are a fourth entity and all fragments of this entity before reunification in the high astral plane sought experiences related to knowledge and learning just as all slave cast entities sought service, artisan entities creative expression, warrior entities order, sage entities communication of all things, priest entities spiritual inspiration, and king entities leadership. Our thirst for knowledge expressed itself in each life lived by each fragment, as the entity itself desired the accumulation of information and we were especially drawn to environments such as China were philosophical thought was considered of high relevance and importance. During our lives we interacted with brilliant thinkers of the day including Socrates, Copernicus, Aristotle, and Clement of Alexandria.

We have been artists, bankers, barters, barristers, comedians, cemetery guards, dilettantes, governors, guards in many shapes and sizes, grave diggers, horsemen, jugglers and clowns, lute players, maids, mercenaries, merchants, misanthropes, military strategists, noblemen and women, peasants, priests, prostitutes, rebels, revolutionaries, robbers, students, teachers, temptresses, viceroys, waifs and witnesses to the most unspeakable acts of cruelty and to the most loving acts of kindness and devotion.

As baby souls we sought structure and safety and once learned, we sought advancement on all levels of achievement during the young soul cycle. We engaged in massive war campaigns that served to create dominion over others for the sake of our own accomplishments and also served in the very armies that we had overthrown during later lives. We often chose reciprocal learning agreements called external monads where we experienced both sides of a learning focus such as parent/child, teacher/student, and partnership agreements where one fragment depended on the other for sustenance and viability. During the young soul cycle we focused on achievement at all costs and this includes loss of family, honor and dignity at times or "when necessary". As warriors we demanded loyalty of others but until the mature soul cycle did not fully understand the meaning of relationship in terms of loyalty. During this cycle we were drawn inward where we began to explore the internal workings of our emotions and values, qualities that had ignored in prior lifetimes if they interfered with conquest. Understanding of the inner world became our new unconquered territory as warriors and as kings we sought to promote other fragments outside the entity (and within) to take actions which would lead them to the ultimate expression of the truth of who they were, the true personality and the manifestation of the life task which was what we as kings were truly interested in. It was during the mature soul levels that we came to understand the importance of relationship to the life task, which we had essentially ignored prior to this cycle.

It was during the shift to the mature soul cycle which began for many of our entity in the centuries prior to the birth of Christ that we began to explore action in terms of relationship to self, and to others. Areas of the earth which we had populated during the early levels  had advanced in their scope and this included the expression of higher truth through the written word and through the arts which we became interested in discovering more about. Of course we were interacting with members of our cadre, and other entities provided interactions for us with slightly different focus including roles in essence. Our lifetimes with other cadre members increased during the mature soul cycles as we sought out other roles in essence with whom we could interact and learn about relationship.

It is not unusual for mature soul fragments to seek out members of their own entity in earnest, for during the previous cycles there can be much fear and this can be exacerbated when members of your own group are present. Of course many times configuration work begins in the young soul cycle as the young soul does enjoy working with others if and only if the goal is the same, and this goal most usually is focused on external success. During the young soul cycle, for instance, there is a "every man for himself" motto as opposed  to "who is in this with me?" and "whom do I trust?" which are relevant themes for mature soul fragments. During the mature soul levels we chose many different scenarios through which to learn the complexities of relationship, and these included what might be considered "normal" and those environments and relationships that might by some standard be considered strange or even abhorrent.

Some examples of our own mature lives included but are not limited to the following:

A king who incarnated as the 4th child of a large family, lived in an area of China, married another entity mate (warrior), made a living as a merchant selling clothing and other wares which the warrior fragment made at home. Parents of five children, one of whom died at an early age of suffocation. This child was a 3rd level baby soul.

Two warriors chose in the 12 century to protest against the religious indoctrination of the Spanish inquisitors, lost their lives after being tortured in a most unpleasant manner. They were both late mature souls, and decided to do a bit of experimenting toward the end of the cycle as they were both 5th level mature. Both were homosexual which added to the problem.

Seven members of our entity became members of a fanatical group, residing in an area of Italy. During the day they were considered respectable members of the community which was near the town of Genoa, and in the evening they met in secret, espousing their political beliefs which included a plot to overthrow the township hierarchy. They were, in fact, successful in their endeavors.

A king fragment chose to marry his essence twin, also a king. Their lack of attention to the duties of rulership resulted in disarray in the kingdom which was located in northern Africa.  This incarnation was another experiment for these fragments and subsequently for our entity entity as the king role in essence does not usually become dismissive of the needs of the larger kingdom. We would say these kings were distracted with their own internal relationship. In a later incarnation one of the kings, our entity member, chose a similar situation and location but with the task companion, a warrior. This choice had far more stable results.

It was during the mature soul cycle that a cadence within our entity chose to pursue the dramatic arts, and incarnated within ten years of one another, but not in the same locale. The specific geographical areas included the Sahara Desert, the "Congo", a quiet town in England, an overly populated area in Southern China, what is now known as "Baja" (California), a remote area of Siberia, and Rome, Italy. The study included work within several sage oriented troupes one vagabond and the other stationary, attaining some notoriety as an instructor of language, costume design was the choice for the artisan cast warrior in the cadence, and what would be called storytelling in a remote indigenous culture. We think therewas much learning that occurred during this time period for this cadence which began in the year 1234 BCE.

The mature soul cycle in general was less action oriented externally than the earlier young soul cycle in particular, but we would say the mature soul experiences were far more internally active which is the hallmark of the cycle. We would not say that the early levels as mature souls were easy, for in fact many times there was great internal discomfort and confusion as we began to look within ourselves which we would say was not our preferred method during previous lifetimes.

At one point in historical reference, there was approximately an equal number of entity mates in the mature soul early levels as there were in both young and old. (50% mature, 25% young, 25% old). At this juncture there was much exchange of information taking place as fragments in the young cycle could attain assistance from the then mature souls, while the mature souls could attain assistance from the old souls. We might compare this process to the educational process and call it  "evolutionary tutorials" which could be accessed by the essences of the entity much in the way a human fragment would seek out a more experienced fragment for support and guidance. We found this process especially helpful during the treacherous lifetimes in the mature soul cycle when we experienced more drama including alcoholism, murder due to jealousy, extreme emotions, suicides which incidentally reached their peak at the 6th level of the mature cycle when life became unbearable, which we would now put in quotes of course. It was also during the mature cycle that we completed the partnership monads, the master/slave monad, and all fragments within our entity eventually completed all monads in each cycle including the fourth monadwhich is the most difficult in most cases.

As we began to evolve toward the old soul cycle, in general there was less urgency for we began to slowly experience more detachment and less attachment to the events of the physical plane. Warriors and Kings are by nature quite physical and require action as part of their ongoing lives in order to experience satisfaction and avoid frustration. However, while we found the infant soul cycle dangerous and unpredictable,the baby soul cycle organized and safer (than infant), young soul cycle exhilarating in terms of focused action, and the mature soul cycle somewhat confusing on all fronts, we found that the need for slowing down on an overall level in the old soul cycle to be both welcomed and resisted. Lessons of the old soul cycle include the tying up of all old debts which also includes learning to avoid the karmic trap, a lesson which was not easy for this entity. Many times warriors and kings will take action and ask questions later which does not serve to  avoid karmic debt, but rather serves to continue it. We therefore often would choose overleaves that were decidedly non action oriented including goals of retardation and acceptance rather than dominance and growth. We chose observation and caution rather than power and aggression. We chose moving center only when it best supported our life plans for without moving center to spur us to action, we were more likely to contemplate than take action which served the goals of the old soul cycle more efficiently. Our choice of profession included bringing the skills we had learned in the younger cycles to bear in the form of fine craftsmanship including the forging of tools and weapons, the creation of musical instruments and the conducting of small ensembles which our King fragments especially enjoyed. Breeding and raising animals especially horses was chosen many times by this entity as we had enjoyed our days of riding to the hounds on steeds of beauty and strength. As old souls we then enjoyed spending time with these animals without the need to conquer, but instead viewing the relationship with non sentient species as both an art and also a way of slowing down our rhythms into ones that were allied with nature, not pitted against in order to win.

The movement into the old soul cycle took place for many of our entity over a period of some six hundred years for not all fragments proceed through the levels of physical plane existence at the same speed. We would also comment that many of the later years for this entity were spent in relatively remote locations for as we have mentioned it is necessary to  learn the lessons of not only non attachment while in the old soul cycle, but also necessary to create environments where there is as little interference as possible. Old souls teach. Any environment will do as long as there is room for self expression without undue conflict, and many warrior and king fragments chose to complete their years on the earth while living relatively quiet lives such as on an island in the Mediterranean, as barkeeps in Wales, estate managers in the Far east including for one renown emperor who enjoyed the fancies of beautiful gardens but had little skill for them, thereby employing two old warriors to organize the vast landscapes into dedicated spaces for rest and rejuvenation. Such a task was in fact enjoyable for these warriors who liked the activity of "puttering" without the necessity of drawing the sword save during verbal disagreements which only took place occasionally which was all for the better. For other fragments travel to visit some of the places which had been enjoyed in previous cycles took place as did ongoing acceptance of the larger cycles of life. We would say that it was during the old soul cycle that we began to truly appreciate all that the physical plane had to offer including robust drink with comrades after a full day "in the field", the feel of the horse galloping in rhythm with the body of the master horseman, the thrill of  a small child seeing a butterfly for the first time, the sensuality of love and sexual pleasures which offered blissful moments, the smell of a roasting pig on the open spike, the dance of fragments gleefully celebrating the new day, and many more, many more.

(Once the last fragment of this entity died, completing the 7th level of the old soul cycle, then this entity was free to move to the lower levels of the causal plane.) Of course we had spent many years on the astral plane, interpreting and reinventing our soon to be lives, all with the intention of evolving both as fragments and as an entity. 

Our time on the astral plane served both as a way station between physical plane lives where we processed our experiences as well as the realm where we could work out existing issues while being physically extant. In fact, we would say that the ability for all extant fragments to utilize the astral plane during dreaming is a Universal truth and one that we found more both more inviting as we progressed though the levels and also less so during the young soul cycle which we will discuss momentarily.  In the early stages of physical plane life, we encountered the difficulties of the physical plane in terms of basic survival and viability and it was after a death that we then returned to what we perceived as safety in that the astral plane was closer in our way of seeing and perceiving to the Tao and did not require the same navigation as the earth itself. During the first number of evaluation lives on the astral plane which took place of course after death and before the next rebirth, we were met by older souls who served as a sort of "escort service" for us, providing us with the details of what was occurringand how the astral plane would be used as part of the cycle. Essentially time would be spent evaluating the previous life lived which included determining what goals had been met, or not, tallying karmic debt and repayment which were of approximate equal measure, and considering the next lifetime and timing of rebirth. As part of this process it was necessary to chronicle the lives of other entity mates, including the task companion, and the essence twin who was a member of an adjacent entity. Suffice it to say that there was considerably more information available on the astral plane than what seemed to be available to us on the physical earth plane.

For the most part, the process that we have just outlined is the process that occurred during all evaluation processes on the astral plane, although the complexity became more pronounced as we progressed. During the baby soul astral plane times we often replayed the dynamics of our own black and white thinking, for we saw life as absolutes in terms of this is right, or this is not right. There were few shades of gray during the baby soul lifetimes, for we were experiencing the structure of the physical  plane and did not yet require the success, introspection, or detachment which would come to be the hallmark of the later cycles. Many perceptions which we could not fathom while extant as a baby soul became more clear while in between lives although we would remind you here that a baby soul is a baby soul with baby soul perceptions even while on the astral plane. It would be true to say that there is a wider viewpoint, which is not weighed down by the limitations of the personality, be it true or false. Essence always maintains the larger perspective even while the personality fumbles.We would say that it is during the astral plane interval that footing is regained.

As young souls we preferred astral plane time to be of short duration, for we were in the full swing of life on the physical plane and did not desire extended periods of evaluation.  We did of course focus our intentions on the real world goals andthis included making many agreements which would support us in making our way to the top of the game which culminated at 7th level young. By the time we reached this level, we literally believed in foundation level religious beliefs and often times did experience heaven and hell, although less hell that when we were baby souls for we did not believe that we deserved in most instances suffering and eternal damnation. We created out of astral matter with the confidence that we had shown while on the physical plane which we would call "masterful".  Once we had completed this young cycle, our mature soul lives began to be more confusing both on and off the physical plane and there were many lives when we chose to recreate the internal chaos of the recent life through morose wanderings and lamentations once in the early or lower levels of the astral plane. We took the drama with us, and it was not until we became aware, again, that we were actually creating our reality on the astral plane that the experience shifted into the evaluation process and out of the "trap" of the unenlightened fragment. This is not a judgment, rather it is an observation based on our own experiences and ones that each fragment will experience as well.

The old soul who is between lives often prefers to spend time in the mid to higher levels of the astral plane, and this includes with members of the entity who have completed the cycle of lives and are reuniting in the higher astral plane. While as old souls we did continue to process our lives and make plans for the upcoming incarnations, we also were what might be called "winding down" and this included making choices which would lead us to less complex and more simple lives, ones that would bring the lessons we had learned through all our lives to bear, and to rebalance the karmic books so we could complete our lives and reunite with our entity. As old souls we experienced the pull to the astral plane quite strongly, a "yearning" which could not quite be silenced. We no longer required such strength of activity while extant, and instead chose active yet simple lives where we could refrain from ill advised and potentially karmic action while maintaining leadership and action polarity positions within the world itself. We did not hasten the journey home, but instead knew that it was occurring even without any direction on our part. We understood the greater pull of love and bliss and allowed ourselves to experience both while on the earth and also in between lives. We enjoyed visiting our entity who was reuniting, but of course until we had completed the cycle of lives we did not stay, but knew we would return. The reunification of the entity is a Universal Truth and has always been and will always be.

As we begin to speak here of our experiences on the casual plane, we would first say that it is a matter of unity rather than fragmentation. What was known as a truth on an abstract level now becomes a truth on an experiential level. It is one thing to say "I am one fragment of an entity" and another to say "There is no separation". The blending which occurs at this level is both profound and peaceful, exhilarating and beautiful. It is the breath of dawn and the sweeping silence of the nightfall. All worries, difficulties, transgressions, shortcomings, braveries, exaltations are swept away and the most profound intimacies begin. The cycle of experience within physical bodies has been completed for all members of the entity, and the entity begins to function as one heartbeat, one greater consciousness and there is no fear or doubt in the truth of this experience. Fear has been cast aside and love prevails. This is not to say that growing ceases, but rather that struggles ceases to exist and is replaced by ultimate ease and joy. As we speak to you in this moment we experience compassion for your own human condition for we ourselves have been there are you are now. We understand the choices which you face and which you avoid, as well as the understanding you gain through all your experiences. We know that no experience is wasted, however futile it may seem at the time. Growth is always present and ever constant just as the cycles of evolution through the planes of existence will continue. We cannot see to the higher planes just as you cannot fully envision the plane of consciousness from which we speak, but we do trust in the ultimate and joyful process of reuniting with our cadre, and with the Tao. Of this we are certain. Some entities teach through the arts, some through the transmission of knowledge such as our teachings, but all causal entities who teach to those on the physical plane teach the higher teachings of love and truth, and there is not deviation from this process. At this time there are many causal teachers attempting to assist your species, and are ready to speak whenever you are able and ready to listen. The Universe continues to sing with joy in every moment, and with love.

c. 2012 Victoria Marina-Tompkins All Rights Reserved

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