True Play: The Gateway to Emotional Health
by Victoria Marina-Tompkins

The Four Pillars are so vital to our health and well being that we choose them as part of our overall life plan prior to incarnating.

Michael has told us many times that it is important for us to access the Four Pillars of True Rest, True Play, True Study, and True Work. Bringing these into our lives on a daily basis can not only make a tremendous difference in the quality of life, but also assist us in opening up our chakras which gives us the opportunity to make real essence contact with others. The Four Pillars are so vital to our health and well being that we choose them as part of our overall life plan prior to incarnating. The pillars of true rest, true study, and true play are chosen based on positive experiences we have had with them in past lives when, for example, we might have had a wonderful time as a Yugoslavian Juggler! In this life we then might choose juggling and tumbling activities as part our true play.

Lets then take a moment to look more closely at True Play. Its a fun place to begin our journey through the pillars! t is when we get into emotional center and the blossoming into the Higher Emotional Center or Agape that we truly open our hearts to each other and to joy.

True Play is first and foremost grounding. Every person needs grounding in order to feel fully present in their bodies and true play is such a fantastic way to experience being here on the physical plane and living in Joy. Michael has said that while the Expression polarity of Sages and Artisans do in fact need more true play on a regular basis, all roles in essence can benefit substantially from this play which helps us make direct contact with the Higher Emotional Center.

True Play feels fun, open, earthy, positive, passionate, expansive, and 'childlike' in its exuberance.

Some examples of True Play might be:

Swinging in a Playground
Casual Lunches or Gatherings with friends
Adorning the Body or the Abode
Games of Chance
Portable Picnics or Safaris
Singing limericks or silly songs
Square Dancing
Dressing up in Costumes

As you can see, most True Play is done with other people! This is very different from True Rest and True Study which is often accomplished alone. As is the case with these three pillars, we choose at least four or more in each category so we have lots to choose from! Most people find that they have been doing some of their 'trues' already, but Michael often suggests that we pay more attention to them on an ongoing basis. It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that we can't do them because we need hours of free time. This is far from the truth! It is quite possible to include some of each pillar every day, and in this way you can continually ground yourself through True Play, rejuvenate yourself through True Rest, focus yourself through True Study, and get to work through your Life Task

If you can make a decision to include one Play activity each day, then you will be amazed at how much better you feel, for this particular pillar has the added benefit of opening up the heart chakra which can be very healing. It is no coincidence that many of the Play activities include children's games, for when we allow ourselves to be playful, we heal parts of ourselves that were wounded when we were young. The healing of our woundings can allow us to experience life in a profoundly different way, based not on old unhealed patterns of self doubt and criticism, but on self love and acceptance.

So, go get that ball and head on down to the playground -- and don't forget to call a friend on the way! Enjoy.

© 1999 Victoria Marina-Tompkins

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