Michael on the Seven Trues

According to Michael, there are seven trues which help us to achieve balance while on the physical plane. We choose these trues before we are born, and they are based on positive experience we have had in past lives. Usually there are at least 3-4 in each category. They include the following and I have listed some examples for each:

True Rest: That which Rejuvenates Us
(walking near water, repetitive motions such as walking, swimming, swinging,
being in meditative states)

True Play: That which Grounds Us
(children's games, leisure time with friends, adventurous outings, causal entertainment,
painting, bubbles)

True Study: That which provides Focus for the Life Task
(the study of history, architecture, humanistic psychology, earth energies)

True Work: This is the Life Task and what our essence seeks to accomplish in any given incarnation.

True Home: What Balances Us
(living in the mountains, sweeping vistas, busy Urbania, collections of photographs,
brick/wood/stone, living near the ocean, small communities within which to interact daily).

True Health: What is Nourishing to the Physical Body
(various combinations of foods, exercise-how much and what kind, sleep patterns-when and how long etc).

True Spirit: Activities which Best Express Essence and promote Spiritual Health
(This true is based on past life experiences for an individual fragment which best express their role in essence through the chosen overleaves. An example might be riding a horse in the wilderness for a warrior,
or creating a ritual placement of objects for a priest.)

© 2004 Victoria Marina-Tompkins
True Health and Spirit
All other trues were originally channeled within the groups
described by Quinn Yarbro in Messages for Michael et al.

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