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Negative Monadal Transitions

QUESTION: Please describe an actual person's journey through a lifetime who experienced the negative poles of his/her 7 internal monads... What were these transitional experiences like?

Michael: We would suggest that there are no lessons or experiences which might be considered "wasted" and in this light we will review the progress through the seven internal monads which occurred in the negative poles. We would also like to preface this study in terms of the manner through which such monadal processes are so engaged, that is to say that there are various attempts made by fragments and these can include landing solidly in the negative poles of the internal monads, avoiding the monads entirely through abdication or avoidance save the first, sixth, and seventh which need occur during an incarnation, or attempting the monads in "fits and starts" but without the definition and resolution necessary for completion to occur. We would call this particular process "unfinished".

A fragment who has not completed the monads in the positive poles often times exhibits to one degree or another largesse, apathy, fits of anger, depressive episodes, anxiety, borderline tendencies, fragmentation, and the like. These characteristics need not be extreme- we wish to emphasize this point for in fact it is quite possible for a fragment who has not positively completed the monadal sequences to be nondescript and blending into the background of everyday activities. In general, we think the chosen overleaves will determine how the fragment will express the abdications or negative resolve and those with less robust overleaves will tend to "wilt" while those with more extroverted overleaves will tend toward external amplification of negativity which is in fact difficult for those fragments with whom they come into contact. There are no absolutes here, but there are tendencies and traits which can be expected with some degree of certainty.

The fragment of note here is a young warrior at the 5th level of the cycle, perseveration mode with a goal of stagnation, a cynic in the intellectual part of emotional center, primary chief feature of martyrdom and a secondary of impatience. Casting 5-1-2. Body type was mars Saturnian. Both the essence twin and the task companion were not extant at this time, which incarnation began in the year 1901 and ended in the year 1945.

This fragment was born into a family in the southern part of France near the city of Lyon near the turn of the last century. The mother was 14 years of age at the time, unmarried and essentially without wealth. This young mother was a 2nd level mature soul, a slave with a goal of rejection which did not help the matter of bonding which did not occur successfully after a long and arduous birth process. The infant warrior was born with a mild deformity of the leg which made the birth itself challenging as the leg was "bent" during the embryonic stage due to a malformation of the bone structure. Once the birth was complete the now infant was given to the next door neighbor for suckling and was not embraced by the mother until approximately the age of 12 months when some contact was made due to the logistics involved. We would say that there was confusion on the part of the warrior in that there was a karmic debt owed by the mother which was not repaid and was in fact abdicated at the time, which in our estimation made matters "worse" but of course was a valid choice for all concerned.

By the time the warrior, now crippled to some degree, was 2 years of age, he was sent to live with a distant cousin approximately 12 hours by train (into central Europe). Once he was situated in the new environment several attempts were made to engage the second monad but there was not a mother substitute to so engage and it created depression in the fragment which decelerated the process to a standstill. The chosen goal of stagnation was an influence here, but we will comment that it is quite possible for fragments with such a goal to complete the monads successfully. In this case however there was little support for the explorations needed by the then little fragment and there were no other children present with whom to engage and thereby successfully separate from the mother or mother substitute. A clear definition of self was not achieved, and the little fragment had little awareness of who he was, or who he was not as a separate and distinct individual. This resulted in bouts of crying and despondency which could not be soothed, as well as a clinging to the caregivers which of course gave them little respite from the demands of a small child.

At the time of the 15th year the third monad was engaged when the warrior fragment became involved in a drinking "binge" which led to being housed by the local authorities for a period of some one week. During this brief incarceration the fragment was ridiculed and made an example of by the guards who mimicked his walk or gait (the malformation) thereby instituting the chief feature of martyrdom. We will comment here that at the third monad engagement the primary chief feature has been chosen. Following the "brawl" the warrior continued with the alcohol consumption and fighting, accepting the challenge from whomever or wherever it came. Within one year the fragment left the home environment, returning to the birthplace in order to attempt to reconcile with the mother fragment. Upon his arrival he discovered that the mother had remarried, bore 3 additional children and subsequently died in childbirth as a result of hemorrhaging. The secondary chief feature of impatience was chosen at this time due to the sense of "missing out" particularly related to the mother, but also to the fact that the malformation of the leg left him out of many social experiences and this included intimate relationships. We would say that by this juncture the fragment was "seething" with anger and frustration which he took out on other fragments in local combat and altercations.

At the age of 37 the now distinctly negatively inclined warrior attempted to enlist in the wartime military but was refused due to the malformation of the leg which of course prevented him from fully participating in military activities. Much to his chagrin he accepted this with resignation and although there were several subsequent attempts made by him to engage in the 4th internal monad, he did abdicate and didnot pursue it after his 39th year. He had married and was the father of two sons with whom he had a tense relationship at best, and was estranged from his wife at the time of the 4th monad efforts. The warrior primarily worked in a small storefront in a local township where he was able to meet deadlines and fulfill orders without the strain of physical labor to which he was not suited. He kept residence in a small apartment above the store of employment and spent his evening and non work hours with other male fragments with whom he participated in small wager card games and drink. We would not say this time period was significant save that the monad was abdicated and further efforts at self understanding were not initiated.

Approximately 3 years later the warrior contracted a viral illness which spread quickly throughout his physical body and created the inability to work, thereby reducing his income and sustainability. (food/water). Over a period of some 12-18 months his physicality diminished substantially and he was unable to continue in his nightly "entertainments" and withdrew into a solitary living space while attempting to continue work part-time. At the age of 42 he began to have stomach ailments which were a precursor to a cancerous condition which was the cause of death in the year 1945 at the age of 44. Prior to that time he did attempt reconciliation with his offspring in order to "set matters straight" but was unsuccessful. The 5th monad was essentially ignored although the inclination to communicate with the sons was related to life review although the result was not to his liking. We would say that in the case of this warrior the 5th and 6th monads were parallel followed by the 7th which was "brisk" in true warrior fashion.

The 6th monad itself was a long and arduous one filled with pain and difficulty primarily due to the pain of cancer itself as well as the cynic attitude which was convincing in terms of negativity. The warrior made little effort to speak with others during the 6th monad which lasted some 13 months although he did interact with a young female fragment who delivered weekly foodstuffs to him and with whom he did share some pleasantries. We would not suggest this time period was a positive one, for the life lived had been less advantageous than it might have been in terms of opportunity for soul or essence growth. We would however comment that in the subsequent lifetime the warrior chose a goal of growth and the power mode hoping to compensate for the lack of movement experienced in this life of note.

At this time this warrior is a female living in an area of Argentina and is the manager of a vegetable farm where she enjoys her strong work ethics and focused life. We would say she is more essence expressive in this current incarnation and likely to complete more monads in the positive poles which will support evolution through the levels.

© 2006 Victoria Marina-Tompkins

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