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Michael channeling by Sarah Chambers and Victoria Marina-Tompkins


Michael has told us that the working groups were formed during the Alexandrian Mystery Schools between approximately 350-100 BCE. (Some work groups were also formed in China and other parts of the world also around the same time.) Much like the concept of magnetic kingdoms but without the leadership of a Magnetic Old King, or 6th level old King with very cardinal casting, joining one of the working groups was a matter of choice and often included other fragments, such as members of the same entity and cadence, although this was of course not always the case.

The groups were composed of either 35 or 49 fragments, much smaller than the 5,000 strong magnetic kingdoms, and were structured according to cadences, much like the casting order. A fragment could be in the 4th position of the 2nd cadence in the working group and hold an entirely different place in their entity. What we do know about these groups is that agreements were made by many of us long ago to participate in an ongoing agreement to work with other folks on a variety of tasks, and the tasks varied from life to life, depending on the interest of the group. Many members of these groups are now getting in touch with each other to define the work that they had made agreements to do. This is a very exciting time.

Here is a sample of what Michael has to say on this fascinating topic:

Michael on the Working Groups

Question: What is the internal structure of these groups?

“There are indeed functions of these cadences and the positions in the cadences within the working groups. The positions within the cadence in the working groups do run according to casting order, in the same ‘format’, but can be different from the individual fragment's position in the entity. In other words, the fragment who is in position one of the cadence is the person who looks out for the common good of the cadence; the fragment in the number two position is responsible for the artistic and creative integrity of the community/cadence and so on. The fragment who occupies the sixth position is responsible for the spiritual well-being of the group."

"In terms of the work of the cadences and their position in the larger group, we would say that cadences one and two represent work in the world, three and four work in the community itself, and cadence five is the bridge to the other working groups on a spiritual level, or as a sage communicator. In some of the larger working groups there are seven cadences, representing the 7X7 formula that the Tao appears to favor. In these larger groups, there would be a closer resemblance to the usual role order, with the priest cadence looking out for the higher ideal of the community and the king cadence taking the leadership role."

"Of course these working groups have tasks that vary from incarnation to incarnation and not all fragments who are members of these groups are present at the same time in the same place. Still the work will be done. The task is supported from the astral plane by those fragments who are not currently incarnate and they also help to plan the future tasks of the group."

"At this present time there are several working groups in the Western United States, including Eagle, Buffalo, Coyote, Wolf, and Bear. There are also Puma and Condor in South America, as well as Owl, which is centered in Europe, Stag, Marlin, Crane, Fox, Hare, Scarab, Raven, and Badger. There are more as well. Many of these groups have chosen to reincarnate at this time in order to assist the movement from the young soul world to the mature soul world and their tasks are related to this very major shift in global consciousness. We see this exploration as good work and encourage our students to communicate with each other in this regard."

"These groups are always in contact with one another whether or not they are on the physical plane. We would say that one fragment of the Eagle configuration has already cycled off the physical plane, but is still in contact and available to the group from the mid-astral plane. Over the next 50-100 years more and more members of these work groups will come together to focus on the work, which is to become pathfinders for the new order. And yes, of course, these various groups could, and will, interact as a network to promote communication and increased comprehension among our students, for they will be working with as many fragments as possible to help them adjust to a new way of looking at the world."

"The groups do have a specialty or focus. For instance, the focus of the Eagle group is shamanic in nature, and several of the Eagle fragments have elected to work with those fragments who are dying in order to promote a more healthy process around this transition. Other groups whose members are located in the southwest part of the United States have elected to work combining shamanic lore with the study of sacred symbols, and others who are members of the Buffalo group are working with the new spirituality and education, often assisting fragments in the third monad transition. Incidentally, several of these groups originally were ‘assigned’ names such as Scarab and Ibis by their members, and the current names are likely to change in future incarnations depending on the choices of the fragments involved.”

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