The Body/Mind/Spirit Connection
The Search for True Home by the Older Soul

Michael channeling by Sarah Chambers

"When we speak of older souls, we speak of those fragments who are mature and older. During the mature soul cycle, essence begins to nudge fragments into seeking True Home, or that place where it dwells in joy. Here are the seven zones where true home may be found:

OCEAN is the symbol of Purity/Purification. Twice a day the tides rush in and wash away everything in their paths (the cleansing). If something interferes with this process, Toxicity results, ultimately damaging the body.

JUNGLE is the symbol of Primal Energy. Jungle is the abode of the shaman and of dark feminine energy. Plant allies call you to confront your fears and conquer them. If something interferes with this process, Lethargy and the inability to move forward spiritually result, and the mind-spirit connection is damaged.

DESERT is the symbol of Clarity. Desert separates the real from the glamour. Here you see the bluest of blues, the greenest of greens, the reddest of ochres, the hottest of hots and the coldest of colds. If something interferes with this process, Confusion results, ultimately disengaging the power of the brain.

WILDERNESS is the symbol of Solitude. Wilderness calls you to confront yourself and discard those aspects that are no longer useful. Wilderness is a place without boundaries and calls you to set your own limits according to your needs. If something interferes with this process, Discord & Strife result, ultimately disengaging the emotional center.

MOUNTAIN is the symbol of Eternity/the Tao, of Changelessness/ Timelessness. Mountain enables you to reach higher centers; experience the "timeless moment" of the high planes. Interfere with this process and you interfere with the work of the spirit.

PLAINS are the symbol of Neutrality - the Status Quo. Here there is no forward movement of an energetic nature. Baby souls are happiest here, although young souls can thrive as long as they can take charge.

URBAN CENTERS are also Centers of Glamour and are related entirely to the physical plane. These are the normal habitats of young souls, for they enable the younger soul to experience the excitement of competition and financial success without having to encounter the intimacy that other zones sometimes require.

This desire for True Home is well-developed by the mid-point of the old soul cycle. Consequently you find very few late level old souls in the urban centers or on the plains. Many older souls flee the plains and the urban centers after completion of the fourth internal monad. Those who don't, tend to age prematurely and have difficulties transiting their fifth internal monad.

No one fragment must experience all seven zones in any one lifetime. As a matter of fact, most older souls learn to go where they "are called", in any given life. It is, however, not unusual for fragments with primary needs of adventure and/or freedom to experience all five of the cardinal zones in one lifetime. Some fragments must experience the zones symbolically in some lifetimes due to mitigating factors, such as poverty, disability, or karmic responsibilities.

© 1998 Sarah J. Chambers
for Soul Weavers & the Gateway Associates
Used with permission.

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