Earth, Stewardship, and Sentients
Michael channeled by Victoria Marina-Tompkins

(This article comes from a private Michael channeling answering questions about several aspects of earth ecology issues, including the cetaceans. Personal information and identification have been removed. -Ed.)

We will begin by addressing the concept of stewardship for this planet and this includes the current state of affairs on both an environmental and sociopolitical level as well. As you may know, your planet is undergoing a great transition at this point in time having to do primarily with the impending ensoulment of the Infinite Soul. While many fragments are familiar with the teachings of the Infinite Soul through the various religions such as Christianity and Buddhism, we will say again that the current presentation of the logos is not in fact true to the original teachings which last occurred at the time of the Christ. At this time there is more of the “need” for control and power over others than the true nature of 'the word' which has to do with truth being the highest good and love being the highest truth. This concept has been distorted beyond what might have been imagined.

With regard to the mutual sharing of this planet, it is of course true that your species inhabit the majority of physical plane earth 'space', while the old souls who swim in the great oceans have taken to the waters to avoid falling into the traps that human fragments have become snarled in. The ability for fragments to utilize the planet's natural resources has been a great aid in the surge of industry during the past one hundred years, and your society is in a wildly different place than it was at the turn of the last century. The advent of the {industrial} revolution and the automobile, which has now led to massive transit difficulties as well as the contributing pollution factors, has increased substantially the rate of deterioration of natural resources such as the rainforests and other old growth Redwood groves, not to mention the increase of Mercury and other poisons in the oceans which are, of course, affecting the Cetacean population as well and could eventually lead to massive karma. The taking of another fragment's choice away from them, whether they are Sentient walkers or swimmers, can lead to karmic debt and this is the case here. The state of the planet is not a good one. The swimmers as we will call them are aware of the direction the destruction of the environment is heading, but are not able to do much of anything due to their lack of manipulative abilities. They have put out the call to your species and you have not responded. They know the truth of the situation and attempt to communicate with human fragments and this mainly falls on deaf ears due to ignorance. Most human fragments on your planet are unaware that they share the planet with other sentient species and it will be necessary for a large shift in awareness to occur for the necessary healing and bridging work to become reality.

Fragments such as yourself who are asking these questions are on the cutting edge of the type of interspecies communication that will become more commonplace during the next hundred years. This is not to say that it will automatically occur, but is to say that it is likely that as scientists let out the secrets of tangible and easily provable intelligence in the Cetacean community, then more 'average' members of your society will begin to believe. It is also true at this time that the Gorilla known as Koko is currently ensouled with a sentient infant Priest fragment who is testing the possibility for a more far reaching Gorilla sentience on your planet. This is also true of the mammals known as the Elephant. To some fragments, this type of information might seem outrageous or even frightening, but we will assure you that it is quite possible. Before long, and assuming that you and your species can preserve the integrity of the planet Earth, and assuming you do not have to relocate to another Planet in subsequent incarnations, you will be sharing your physical world with three other sentient species. It is not uncommon for multiple species to cohabit, as this is true on other planets as well and it is indeed the biodiversity which helps to support the multitude of both non-sentient, sentient, and ecological systems on your planet. In the solar system there are limited examples of this, but in the larger Universe there are indeed many instances where species of all sizes and shapes share cooperatively in the care and management of their environment

It is also true that this world is making the transition to a more mature soul way of living which will be based on cooperation rather than competition. This movement will not occur "overnight”, and you may have noticed, there is a last gasp effort on the part of the young souls to direct the attention of this country in particular into the religious ‘right and wrong’, and away from the return to the more tribal way of relating. In fact, it will be through relationship and communication that your world will save itself, if that is to occur. Without a more global approach, and this includes third world countries as well, it is more likely that the leadership will continue to be fractured and without real power, staying locked in violent attempts to resolve conflicts which, of course, are futile. Steps towards unity can be made when students such as yourself speak with others to raise the consciousness, which then will spread outward in great waves. Do not underestimate the potential impact of asking questions such as these, and the grace that may come when you share these findings with others, whether it be on a grand stage or in a conversation on a Sunday morning. Nothing is lost here and we commend you for your perseverance in following the threads that lead you to inquiry, the life task, and back to essence and joy. - Michael

© 1999 Victoria Marina-Tompkins

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