Michael on the Next Decade
Michael channeling by Sarah Chambers

Question: I would like Michael to tell us about positive trends they see in society or in the world, and negative trends that they see in society and the world.

Answer: If we were to, for instance, project "overleaves" for the coming decade, we would call it the decade of the return of the Philosopher King. There is a definite trend toward philosophical leadership that takes innate differences into consideration even in the workplace. This is a very positive change. If we were to assign a goal to the decade, we would say that it will be a decade of growth for the most part, with great strides being made in many areas. Now the downside of that, of course, is retardation, and we see this in force all over the globe, as the patriarchy makes its last stand before the fall. We see retardation happening in the highest offices all over the world, with characters like Saddam Hussein, Moamar Kaddafy leading the pack. Retardation can lead to temporary setbacks, but they can be costly if they influence archaic institutions such as the Supreme Court, where laws that affect untold future generations can be enacted by politically appointed judges. In a decade of growth, you can expect some iconoclastic movement, and some of these archaic institutions will crumble. If we were to assign a mode to the coming decade, we would say passion, for emotion is very high right now, and it appears to be a trend rather than a temporary occurrence. The prevailing philosophical attitude right now appears to be spiritualist, but we see a lot of pragmatism there also. Institutions will have to be very useful in order to survive. The emotional part of higher moving center will play an important part in setting the mood of this decade. There is much positive yin energy, so we can expect a much more nurturing society toward the end of the decade. We like the expression used by many Wiccans, "The Goddess is Alive; Magick is afoot," for that does describe the energy level that we feel. There is some impatience here, especially in mature and older souls, who would like to see the world change at a more rapid pace. The world's marginalized people are also impatient to see an end to their pain.

We do see an increase in domestic violence, and in random violence by disaffected youth. There are simply not enough opportunities to support the number of people currently extant on the physical plane, unless more people move back to the land and live in sustainable community. A great deal of this violence is directed toward marginalized people.

We already see a movement toward spirituality and a concomitant movement away from organized religion. Conversely, we see the purveyors of organized religions clamping down more firmly on "heretics", especially those who express themselves in public. We already see more and more groups coming together for rituals and this is a healthy sign. Conversely, we already see more and more baby soul fragments predicting the apocalypse and/or the return of the Christ.

We view the coming decade as one of startling change and stultifying fossilization. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

© 1998 Sarah Chambers and Gateway Associates
Used with permission

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