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Excerpted with permission from a private session

Question: Please discuss the understanding of CHOICE, with brief comments as to how each level of understanding influences the way a life is lived, leading up to the understanding of choice as universal truth. Michael often speaks of the universal truth of choice. I know that I myself have not fully grasped this concept, and I am hoping it will serve the general benefit for Michael to communicate what changes in a life are possible as a person's understanding of the true significance of choice grows. This reading is designed for a general audience.

Michael: Choice is a Universal truth. The ability of sentient fragments to choose with thought is one of the basis of the understanding which we wish to promote here, as it is choice without thought and the knowledge of the ramifications of choice which will occur with or without action that is worth considering and worth investigation in our perception. We will first discuss the basis of choice which as its fundamental premise states that choice will occur.
Many fragments become lost or caught up in the Maya of this perception, this Universal Truth because they do not believe that choice is available to them in each and every moment. Again we will state choice occurs regardless of whether or not a fragment is conscious of choice, or not. It is only when choice is taken away from a fragment by another that karma is incurred, and that ribbon will remain in tact until both parties agree to burn it.

Let us provide examples here. A fragment who chooses to not respond to anger from another fragment is making the choice to not respond. A fragment who is uncontrollably angry because another fragment stole money from his wallet is making the choice to become angry. A fragment who is born into a family which has violence as its basis is choosing on an essence level to incarnate into this family. A fragment who dies with irreconcilable differences with another fragment chooses to allow these differences to remain without resolution. Let us clarify in this example that whether or not the fragment with whom the differences are shared is available to work out the problems is not the issue. Both fragments have the choice to continue with the emotion and regrets, or not.

We will state again for clarity that it is only when karma is incurred and remains in tact that a bond or tie will exist between the fragments until the ribbon is burned. However it is still true here that a choice will be made when and how to burn the ribbon, which entitles choice to each fragment participating in the karmic repayment. Even during a karmic sequence of long duration such as imprisonment, a fragment can sometimes choose to delay the repayment but often times once the repayment has been set in motion, it will continue to its conclusion, whether in one lifetime or another.

The choices made by fragments on a daily basis are the ones which are often considered to be out of one's control, that is to say that choices are made initially such as which toothpaste to use and which choices then become habit or rote. Should a fragment begin to become aware that choice remains a viable truth at all times, then it is more likely that a sense of personal mastery will be created. Fragments who claim to "have no choice in the matter" are abrogating responsibility by assuming that their perceptions are correct. We would state that understanding the matter of choice as Universal truth is the most basic or fundamental elements of truth to our knowledge, along with the Universal truths having to do with love and fear. If a fragment understands that they can respond to even the most distressing or fearful situation with detachment or even love, then much good work is accomplished and soul perceptions can be increased exponentially. "I choose" might be a good mantra for students to consider, which would bring their attention to the truth of choice again, and if this concept can be practiced in the most unobtrusive of matters such as the choosing of a piece of fruit for dinner, then expertise can be developed with regard to the ability to choose consciously in life circumstances.

Assuming responsibility for one's responses to another fragment would be considered relative here, and this would be true in the case of a child and parent also. A child fragment does choose how to respond to the parent albeit some responses being instinctive or emotional centered, and the child did choose to have the adult fragment as a parent in the particular incarnation. Therefore there is choice. Many cases include insistence that "there is no other choice" or "I had no choice" and we will reiterate that unless karma is involved, there is always choice. In the case of karmic interaction, the fragment who is incurring the ribbon chooses to do so, and the fragment who is being karmically engaged chooses how to respond. We understand there is complication here, but we are continuing to discuss karma to remind all fragments that most cases are not karmic, and while karma is the exception, it is also not the norm.

In terms of the level of understanding choice, we would say the following:
Choice exists, is a Universal Truth.
Consider the following:
Under these circumstances, I believe I cannot choose.
Under these circumstances, I believe I can choose.
Evaluate the circumstances individually and identify the "choice point" when a choice indeed occurred.
We will suggest this is always true.
Adjust perceptions to include the personal truth which states why the choice was made.
Consider other events when similar choices were made, and why.
Change awareness to acknowledge the validity of choice.
" I can choose in each moment".


© 2004 Victoria Marina-Tompkins

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