Michael Questions and Answers
with Victoria Marina-Tompkins

On Addiction

Q: Would the M's speak on how we humans use addictions to cope with life and how we might deal with them?

A: We would suggest here that this is a misdirection of potent and natural energies and that in fact addictions and the accompanying obsessive behaviors are often an expression of a fragment's difficulty and inability to find a healthy avenue to express grief. There is often a 'root' addiction which relates to early infancy when the fragment experienced separation from the mother and it is the profound grief of separation from the nurturing fragment which also triggers feelings of separation from the Tao that creates a pattern which once in place is very hard to break, and must in fact be replaced by feelings of attachment or belonging. This is why many of the current therapeutic approaches which repattern the original wound can and we say can be healing. It is also true that past lives can be at play as well. The Overleaves also contribute and fragments who have passion mode or impatience, greed, or arrogance which are all the yang or outwardly focused defenses choose to use them to shield off the emotions with activity. Fragments who have these chief features will have a tendency to seek excitement and the highs of addiction, while those fragments who have chosen martyrdom, self destruction, or self deprecation will lean toward depressed states and inactivity. The antidote for these processes is the reconnection with the creative spirit or essence, and this can be accomplished through the arts once the primary addiction is curtailed.

Self Awareness & Self Realization

Q: Are there levels, modes, or stages of awareness or self knowledge, perhaps culminating in self realization?

A: Of course, this is an accurate perception. It is different for the various roles in essence to some degree and is also related to the soul ages. We will begin by addressing the issues relevant to soul age. With the Infant soul, there is much fear as you know, and there is little self awareness other than that they are in a strange and often hostile environment. The Baby soul begins to have some awareness but it is always in relation to what is correct or acceptable, and so this stage would have to do with the awareness of how they fit into the small community within which they live. This is not always the case but is most often true. The Baby soul is interested in doing what is 'right', and believes there is a higher authority and punitive repercussions for any actions taken outside the norm. Young souls have self awareness in relationship to the world 'at large' and this often takes the form of expansive interactions. They are interested in how they can make the greatest impact on the greatest numbers. The Mature and Old souls take an entirely different 'turn' here, for it is at the mid level of the Mature cycle that the perceptions begin to expand to include what you might term spirituality, and here they begin to apply the knowledge learned through relationship to the self realization of 'personal truth'. We see the positive and negative poles here as 'miasma' in the negative, where there is a turmoil and boiling pot of emotion with little or no distinction, and the positive as 'crystalline' or 'clarity'. This is when the Mature soul is able to rise above the drama and turmoil to perceive with absolute clear sight the nature of relationship. The Old soul moves to the intersection between world and universal truths and begins the direct return to the Tao. Here perception has to do with the illusion of separation, and the negative pole would be related to 'apathy' or lack of caring, and the positive pole would be 'reunification' and this includes with the Self. You might note that self realization is also the positive pole of the fourth internal monad, and that each role in essence would come to an understanding of the nature of the true personality in relation to the false and in favor of the true. It does require action in order to manifest the true or authentic nature

Religion Amongst Cetaceans

Q: . . . on a related subject, religion amongst cetaceans, I'm interested in religion amongst non-human fragments, and the personification of a deity and deities, both here and on other planets.

A: Many cetaceans have established strong links with what you might call water spirits or elemental energies, which they are able to perceive sonically rather than visually, most of the time. And in fact, in many of the worlds oceans, where these gentle old souls swim, were you able to hear the music that they create with these other spirits, you would be lingering on the sound of the universal expression of love. For these fragments experience profound joy in that they are able to communicate with other beings in ways which human beings are closed off to, except during moments of elation or higher centered experiences. In fact, when the young whales in particular are born, they are tuned to a specific frequency, which allows them to have direct contact with the higher levels of energy, and generally, these channels are kept open through consistent practice, first of all demonstrated by the older members of the community. These old souls know that the making of ritual objects that represent something higher than themselves, such as a "god", offered only a limited view, and one which they explored at considerable length during their previous incarnations on the planet _____ {name unpronounceable}. They, of course, are unable to create these objects in the way that they did before, due to the absence of hands. On a more universal level, or note, we will say that it is a world truth on many planets that most sentient beings do have an awareness of higher consciousness, and this depends primarily upon the soul age of the fragments, that is in terms of how they experience this. A young soul fragment would be more likely to give credence to the golden idols such as those created on this planet during religious exchanges than would even a baby soul fragment, who would be unable to cross the bridge of fear in order to even access a direct relationship with such an "idol". Old souls whether on this planet or another, are basically pretty laid back about "worship", and are more likely to enjoy the food of the day and fine wine, or the _____ (the equivalent on the other planet. Victoria got a word she couldn't make out. It was the word on the other planet.) Incidentally, we will note that some of the cetaceans did have a rather fun time playing in the ship known as the Titanic (making fun of the great god, like bowing down in cetacean irreverence).

Casting Order

Q:What is the influence of the casting numbers on the personality?
(The student who asked this question is an artisan-cast scholar. Casting: 2-3-2)

A: Your position in your cadence, or the first number, is how you manifest your role. In other words, you are an artistic/creative scholar. The position of your cadence in the greater cadence determines how you will generally behave or express yourself in an interpersonal relationship. Since this is a 3 or warrior, you will be loyal, steadfast, and exacting in most of your interpersonal relationships. The third number, or your entity number, determines how you will relate to the world. Artisan is on the expression polarity, so you will relate to the world generally in an expressive way.

Modes of Expression for the Roles in Essence

Q: What is the mode of expression for each role in essence?

A: Roles express in the following manner:

1. Slave role in essence has to do with hospitality, or the way through which their service is expressed.

2. Artisan role in essence expresses through creativity.

3. Warrior role in essence expresses through focus of intention or direct action.

4. Scholar role in essence expresses through exchange of information.

5. Sage role in essence expresses through dramatic presentation or "higher wisdom".

6. Priest role in essence expresses through "illumination" or "awakening the awareness of higher consciousness" ("illuminating the way to God" or "shining the light").

7. King role in essence expresses through leadership and "for the benefit of all concerned", an all encompassing quality.

The Infinite Soul & Cetaceans, and some Cetacean History
channeled by Sarah and Victoria

Q: Michael has offered information that a group of infinite souls will be arriving this time around. Will any of them be cetacean infinite souls? If not . . . will any of the human infinite souls address the reality of cetacean ensoulment as an aspect of the Logos?

A: Let us first say that we have not offered the information that there would be a "group" of infinite souls arriving this time around. Perhaps this has been a misinterpretation of what we have said, and that is that there are now several likely seventh level old kings, all of whom would agree to step aside for the manifestation of the infinite soul. Then let us say something about the cetaceans and their life cycle. There are no more infant souls - cetacean or homo sapiens - being cast on this planet. There are also no baby soul cetaceans and the young souls, which are the Orcas, are a decided minority. Mature and older souls constitute the largest component of the cetacean population, with older souls dominating. Incidentally, the cetaceans you call Dolphins are, for the most part, final level old souls. Most of these fragments are telepathic to one another. They do receive the logos from the infinite soul, who is simultaneously cast into a homo sapiens body and a cetacean body. This may very well be where the "group" theory came from, for we have said this to many of our students. Do not misinterpret what we are saying: this is not a simultaneous life, which does not exist in ordinary time. The difference here is that they - the cetaceans - recognize the infinite soul for what it is and they are far more attentive to what it has to say.It is hoped, by this entity and by many of our students, that the ensoulment of the cetaceans will be one of the items the infinite soul will address. Otherwise, it is very likely that this sentient species will cease to exist on yet another planet. It is thought that, since mature and older souls are now in the majority (and this takes the cetacean population into consideration) on this world, the manifestation of the infinite soul will have a far greater impact on the course of civilization than it has in the past. For one thing, we understand that it will emphasize that it has not manifested to bring about the apocalypse, nor is it a "second coming," but that it comes to give humankind and cetacean-kind hope for the future, and this will be in the form of a return to earth awareness and good stewardship. We have told our students that "good stewardship" is the highest world truth that exists. And we are certain that this will be the large part of the message communicated by the infinite soul.

Q: I've been fascinated with the hidden aspects of cetacean history. Since they were forced to abandon their original home planet and their original physical form . . . how did this destruction happen? Warfare? Ecological collapse?

A: There were several factors, but the primary one was greed. Just as you are destroying your world by using up its resources, overpopulating fragile ecosystems, and forgetting your relationship with the earth itself, so did they. Finally, the air on their planet was so bad, it was no longer breathable, and they retreated underground. Plagues swept this underground fortress and annihilated approximately 75% of the population over a ten-year period of time. By consensus, they agreed to abandon their world and they also agreed to adopt a body that would be unable to destroy their new home in a similar way.

Q: Since, in their present form, cetaceans have fins and are limited in their abilities to change their environment . . . what were the original appendages like (if its at all possible to describe them). Here is the relevant Michael quote that inspired these last two questions: "If the planet becomes uninhabitable for your species (referring here to humans) and you subsequently select another host species, it is likely that the chosen species would be less capable of manipulating the environment." (Michael's People, p. 219).

A: Well, yes, we did say that and it would likely happen that way. Actually these fragments had appendages much like your own, with opposable digits, which are necessary for manipulating the environment, only they were more like claws. They had reticulated bodies, so they were very agile. In the last stages, they had a highly advanced technology that included travel within their solar system. However, in that solar system, there were no other planets that could be used for habitation, so it was not possible for them to simply pack up and move, although they did consider trying to "green" one of their planet's satellites. For the most part, these fragments were peaceful; they were just poor stewards. They used up their world. This is why they are so terribly concerned about what is happening to them now through no fault of their own. They have no way of communicating this to you and this is enormously frustrating to them. These are, to a large extent, loving, caring fragments, who, surprisingly, bear their executioners no ill will.

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