Michael on Magnetic Kingdom's in the Cetacean World
Excerpted with permission from a private session
by Victoria Marina-Tompkins

This question followed a series of questions concerning a young woman who was experiencing whale dreams. It was during the session that Michael began to discuss Magnetic Old Kings in the cetacean communities, as one of the dream contacts related to whale fragment in particular.

Question: Please explain more about this particular cetacean king, and his/her “magnetic” qualities, including some information on the kingdom itself. I think very little is known in general about how a magnetic kingdom or its influence comes about, so this whales example, and how its mobilizing energy and focus came about, may serve as an important teaching opportunity. Please comment.

Michael: Yes, this fragment is a 6th level old King in the passion mode with a goal of dominance, a realist, in the intellectual part of moving center. Primary chief feature is impatience, subdued, and the secondary is arrogance which is used only if "necessary". This fragment is in the 1st position of the cadence in a 7th entity, in the 6th cadence.

The differences between magnetic Old Kings in human fragments and in cetaceans is not remarkable, for they share the same desire to bring about fundamental change through cardinal action, and each of these Kings of which there are approximately 23 either acting or potential MOK's at this time in the cetacean world, chooses a task for the kingdom which will be completed over a series of lives for all fragments so involved. The MOK usually has experienced any number of cardinal lives during the centuries before the 6th level of the old soul cycle begins, and it is during these lifetimes that a regiment is formed within which the king fragment rules and relates. It is the regiments that are then pulled together through agreements made by the fragments so involved, and these agreements include being members of the proposed magnetic old kingdom until the task is complete and when of course the first steps in the work are begun. Such a process as this one usually occurs on the astral plane and not during a life, although each fragment's essence is capable of participating in the making of agreements at any time even if the extant fragment is not aware of it at the time. We would compare this process to the choosing of a theme for a tapestry which will be woven together by the efforts of all fragments involved with the Magnetic Old King at the spinning wheel. The MOK is the leader and is initiating, and the fragments involved are responsive to the directives of the MOK who serves to lead the troops.

The fragment involved in a Magnetic Kingdom are not all members of the same entity or cadre, but are often members of the same greater cadre and in total number approximately 4-5,000 fragments depending on the task. The task of the kingdom compliments the life task of each fragment involved and adds to the greater understanding which is occurring within the individual life tasks of the fragments, which of course also add to the work of the kingdom. There is reciprocity here, and we do not intend to understate the importance of such in the overall process.

Magnetic Old Kings need have a strong desire to lead, a purpose or focus, and the overleaves to manage such responsibilities. It is many lives of growth and determination, an ability to "Stay the course" and to guide other fragments as they work on the task of the kingdom. As noted in prior transmissions, this kingdom desires to understand" The Shared Planet" and this includes studying interspecies communications as well as the impact of choice on the sustainability of the planet itself.


© 2004 Victoria Marina-Tompkins

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