"Michael on Intimacy"
Elverton Group
Oakland Jan. 2004
Victoria Marina-Tompkins, channel

Michael: We will begin today by addressing the issue of validation. It is useful here to share personal information which can be elaborated and offered to this group for discussion, for indeed all fragments here present can utilize such information for self reflection and comparisons. To clarify by comparisons we do not mean to suggest that fragments will hold themselves up one to the other but rather that it is useful to understand the process through which validation occurs. And it can be in the most simplest of matters, such as the artisan's comments being told today.

We think many times fragments are reluctant to share personal insights for fear of personal judgments, criticism, and the like, and that the chief feature's interference is more than negligible and in fact can become persistent and all-encompassing. We would recommend for those fragments here present, especially those relatively new to this work, that you might expect some chief feature interference, for the validations and perceptions which are available to you at this time could, and we underline could be life changing.

The introduction of Universal Truths into an individual fragment's life can either be embraced, denied, or left discarded without due attention. Therefore you might wish to consider today's information in the light of the following weeks rather than under the guise of potential misinterpretations by fear.

Intimacy is a Universal Truth and is one of the primary mechanisms for progress of the individual soul through the levels. There is much misinterpretation of the term specifically related to requirements which are often based around potential encounters and exchanges, and which of course often times prevent true intimacy. It is in the simplest moments that true intimacy occurs.

For it is in these moments that fragments one to the other are able to let down their barriers and allow for the penetration which occurs when they meet essence to essence. This is not necessarily a sexual experience although this can occur of course. Essence contact begins to occur more readily in the later levels of the soul evolution when there is much experience under the belt for the evolving fragments. And there is less need for expectations and pleasantries of the sort, and when such structures are discarded and fragments are more willing to be in the moment rather than in the past or in the potential future, then opportunities for true intimacy become more easily accessible.

We would remind all here present that some discussion can occur here today having to do with the exchange of perceptions having to do with intimacy, including those times when such occurred, times when fear prevented validation, and times when fear prevented the experience.

Homework for those so inclined might include making a personal inventory which could then be studied and reviewed for greater clarification and understanding.

All sentient species experience intimacy and such is not limited to this physical earth and propels fragments forward in evolution on every inhabitable planet or every special area where ensouled life exists. Individual fragmentation may not appear to you and to your human eyes as ensoulement but we will assure you that there is truth here. Other avenues also practiced by other sentient species and which are a direct avenue to intimacy are the "Trues" – including Rest and Play. We cannot emphasize this enough. You might in fact learn much from Cetaceans, many of whom have become expert in the experience of true intimacy through True Play. Unfortunately, many human fragments consider play a waste of time because it is not work. We assure you it is relevant and crucial should you choose to express the true personality you have chosen in this incarnation.

All is chosen.

Following Questions and Answers:

• Please discuss Self – Intimacy.

M: We would delineate between intimacy and self-intimacy. Intimacy with self might be considered the dialogue that occurs between the personality vis a vis the positive poles of the overleaves and Essence, which is available to you at all times. The process of writing is often useful as a means of flushing out the inner turmoil and thoughts in order for Essence to be heard more clearly. This might liken to clearing off the top of your desk.

[VM: "Morning pages"; too much attention to personal thinking interferes with the "voice" of Essence]

• Please discuss possible Essence contact through the creative arts, when you show the work – is there the potential for the person to experience a high truth?

M: Yes, we will also agree here that once the superfluous emotional debris is expressed which is more indicative of the personality's issues than of Essence, then we think a fluid passageway can open. The river to which you referred can be the medium for the expression of world truths and Universal Truths. The singing of a simple song where the joy of the moment is expressed might be considered less profound but is not, and is an equally viable vehicle.

[VM: Getting out of your own way. Some artistic renderings emotional, personal expressions, rather than Essence communication]

• How can one create more intimacy between people?

[VM: You can make an agreement with chief feature to put them (c.f.) in a container. E.g., "I'd like to make an agreement to set aside my fears for a couple of hours, to participate with grace. There is the likelihood that c.f. will be kicked up later.]

[VM: The "intensity" is chief feature. Essence contact is not intense.]

M: The higher centers, particularly emotional center, can express itself through uncontrollable laughter. Joy is experienced by Essence when contact occurs with another fragment. This might be described as unmitigated bliss. Essence contact can occur during uncontrollable bouts of frivolity, as long as judgment is absent.

• Why is Joy spiritual consciousness?

M: Joy is an experience of liberation from the constraints of the personality and it is the expression of Essence through the True Personality which leads to the evolution of spiritual consciousness. All in all, Joy and the authentic overleaves, i.e., positive poles, are the preferred option here. Acknowledging when fear is present in your life is good work and can lead to evolution of the soul.

[LJ: From Michael: Make a list - "What choices do I make from Joy? What choices do I make from fear?]

[VM: A fragment can make choices based on detached pragmatism which are choices not made from fear but made from prudence. It's the energy behind it that's the issue.]

• Any particular method to dissolve Chief Feature?

M: Should you choose to do so, you might make a poppet or small doll representing each of your fears. We would not suggest this process be done in haste. We would then suggest dismantling your creation piece by piece.

When all pieces have been dismembered you might place them in a piece of fabric, smashing them with a hammer or other object. This could then be buried or burned. Once this has been accomplished, we would be happy to comment further.

[LB: Please see pp. 281-286, Michael for the Millennium (Fourth Book by Quinn)]

[VM: Acknowledging them, coming to terms with them, recognizing you chose your fears as protective mechanisms as a young child based on what was happening. You've used them your whole life.]


2004 Victoria Marina-Tompkins

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